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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finger Pricks (Micro Update)

So, my doctor keeps telling me I should start pricking the sides of my fingers instead of directly on the pads of them, and up until now I've just smiled and nodded and gone about my ways. But then this happened:

I mean, I've never seen a scab turn black before. AND, it isn't even raised like a scab, which is even stranger and freaking me out a little. Time to start using the sides of my fingers so my irrational fears of accidentally killing myself don't come true.

Doctor: 1
Sassy Teenager: 0


  1. I showed Alexis this post because Justice only checks on the pads of his fingers too. I promise the sides hurt less! Give it a chance :D

    (but stay sassy!)

  2. Helloooo. I love your blog! Can you please follow mine too? It's on my life as a type one diabetic teenager c: