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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My First Blog For Children's Congress Is Live!

I'm pleased to announce the first of my two blog posts is live right now on the official Children's Congress website.  Please check it out here!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Going to Children's Congress!

...Wait, what?

Reed, you aren't going to Children's Congress, remember?  You made that post about being rejected from it.  It contained references to country music and a bunch of 'Never give up!' type messages.  You've got the rejection letter hanging in your bedroom.  Remember that?

Yep!  And I'm still going.

I know what you're thinking; how?  Allow me to answer that to the best of my abilities.  The way I understand it, one of Nevada delegates ended up moving to another state in January.  That delegate still gets to attend Children's Congress, but they will be representing the state they now reside in.  That put Nevada one delegate short for Children's Congress.  And the person they ended up choosing as a replacement was...well, me.

So...yes!  I get to attend Children's Congress this summer!  My entire family is excited beyond words (my mom may or may not have cried when we found out), and I really can't wait to meet everyone!

And there's more news!  I'm going to be working with JDRF to do a few blog posts counting down to Children's Congress!  I'll be sure to post here with links when my blogs go up, but for now you can go read the first post, written by California delegate Jonathan (who by the way, is so eloquent for a third grader I can't even begin to comprehend it.  I've got some serious competition here, guys!).  I also have another blog up on the local JDRF website, so go ahead and check it out too!  Along with that, our Youth Ambassador coordinator Marcy helped me set up a Twitter that I'll be using leading up to Children's Congress and even more when I get there.  To be honest, I know close to nothing when it comes to twitter, but I promise I'll do my best.

I'm so honored to end up with this opportunity, and I'm really excited that the original Nevada delegate still gets to go to Washington with us.  Every kid in world with diabetes deserves to go to Capitol Hill and talk to Congress about the struggles they've faced.  I don't know if I can speak for every juvenile diabetic out there, but I promise to do my best.

Also, one final thing before I go!  If anyone remembers, a few posts back I was posting little bits of diabetic slang here and there.  And I want to know if there's any sort of slang you guys use when it comes to diabetes.  Feel free to leave it in the comments or email me.  I'm using it for a project you'll get to see later.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend!